Jan 30th, 2012

Eddie's Archive 2nd Edition

As there has been some discussion about the 2nd Edition, I thought you should know the facts:-

The casket took months and months to design and manufacture. EMI had to sell this as an idea, without tangible copies to show retailers, and place the manufacturing order 4 months in advance of release. These orders were much less than we projected. Consequently a lot of fans were unable to get hold of a copy in their country, so we went back to EMI and told them to fulfill the order to our original projected quantity. This is what they did.

We are sure you would want every fellow fan to get hold of a copy of this collection in its original format - they should not be penalised for the retailers caution. I can assure you that we took great care to make sure this rerun did not devalue the original limited edition collection. This is why is is clearly marked (on the packaging, the bottom of the casket, and on the scroll) as 2nd Edition. This is why we changed the colour of the casket tray (from blue to red). This is why only the first set contain individually numbered scrolls.

So please enjoy the casket and its contents and be happy to share its value with fellow Maiden fans worldwide.

Up the Irons!