Jan 30th, 2012

Jericho Speaks

We asked WWF Superstar Chris Jericho just what Iron Maiden meant to him, and his band Fozzy, and he came back with the following:

If one band could fit my definition of heavy metal, that band would be Iron Maiden. If one band is responsible for my love of metal and of music it would alsobe Maiden.

I discovered them when I was fourteen and Powerslave was released. One of my first concerts was the World Slavery tour and that gig still ranks as one of my favorites. Most importantly, my interest in being a musician was fostered by the Irons, more specifically by Steve Harris and I still feel his influence whenever I pick up the bass to this very day. I'm also proud to say that I can play almost every Maiden song up until Seventh Son, with my favorite being Phantom Of The Opera. My first band, Scimitar played many Maiden classics, including Murders In The Rue Morgue, 22 Acacia Avenue, Caught Somewhere In Time and Aces High. My current band, Fozzy included a version of The Prisoner on our debut CD release.

Bruce Dickinson is my favorite singer of all time as well and I was overjoyed at his return to the band. The current lineup featuring the three guitar attack is also tremendous and it was my distinct honour to meet that lineup, last summer. The fear that my musical idols would end up being egotistcal primadonnas
was dispelled instantly and I am proud to call them (especially Adrian Smith) mates.

Long live the mighty Iron Maiden and long live Eddie! Without them Y2J would have never, EEVVVEEERRR, turned out the same.

Up the Irons!!
Chris Jericho
Former WWF World Champion