Jan 30th, 2012

Paul Di'Anno - The Beast

'I may be a rock star... but when the police nicked me with a kilo of coke and an Uzi, they weren't asking me for autographs...' Violence, drugs, gangs, shootings, sexual perversions... all in a day's work for Paul Di'Anno - The Beast - renowned as the hardest and craziest bastard the music world has ever produced...

Full of cockney charm, Paul Di'Anno is the wild man of rock and roll. His story is a tale of drugs, guns, alcohol; of extended periods banged up in a US Federal Penitentiary; and of course his time fronting one of the biggest rock groups of all time - the mighty Iron Maiden.

Paul's antics off-stage are even more shocking than his behaviour on-stage. He is truly the man who makes Led Zeppelin look like a bunch of convent girls. He has lived a life treading the fine line of the law, and has battled through crazed drug addictions from the heights of worldwide fame to the bit of bankruptcy and beyond.

His book is a rollercoaster of a read, which reveals the brutally honest truth of a life lived flat out in the Extreme Overdrive Lane, where violence and excess are as natural as breathing. It is a look into the dark and disturbing times of a man who has spent his whole life courting his demons. Unfortunately, those demons always seemed to have got the upper hand...

THE BEAST is out now - in hardback at around £16 ($30).

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IronMaiden.com has got it's hands on 3 copies of 'The Beast'. If you'd like one, all you have to do is mail us with the answer to this very simple question:

Which 2 Iron Maiden albums did Paul Di'Anno sing on?

Closing date is 10th July 2002. First 3 names out of the hat win a copy of the book.


The comp is now closed and we've pulled the winners out of the IM.com beanie hat:
Congrats to Stephen Okvist from Sweden, Jamie O'Brien from England and Guillaume Decherf from France who all win a copy of the book. We blagged some tee-shirts as well, so Mark Kolla from the US, Timo Juurinen from Finland and Charlie Westin from Sweden all get one of those.