Jan 30th, 2012

Rock In Rio DVD Release Set For 10th June

The Double DVD set contains their live concert performance filmed at the world famous Rock in Rio festival in 2001 in front of a sell out audience of 250,000 fans and a global TV audience of millions. The concert was filmed by Globo TV with 14 Cameras including 2 cranes and a helicopter and a further 4 man camera team which was directed by Dean Karr who worked with the band when he directed the video for 'The Wicker Man'. The monumental task of editing the 60 hours of footage was completed by founding band member and Bassist Steve Harris.

Instead of using the existing TV broadcast the show was completely re-edited by Steve Harris to create an explosive two hour visual feast of the band's intensity on stage. The concert contains thousands of edits (more than the likes of most full length action movies such as Lord Of The Rings or Gladiator!) in a relentless two hour stage performance.

The band's 18 song set covers tracks from their recent Brave New World studio album through to the classic metal anthems including The Number Of The Beast, Fear Of The Dark, 2 Minutes to Midnight, and their UK Top ten single Run To The Hills.

The concert sound also had special treatment as it was mixed and produced by Kevin 'Caveman' Shirley (Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Journey) who produced Maiden's last studio album. Kevin, assisted by Steve Harris, crafted the live recording into Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound. For fans of home cinema a DTS (Digital Theatre Sound) track was also added so that when watching the live show you feel like you are in the front row with the entire crowd behind you. This DVD is one of the very first to give the fans the potential to access both DTS and 5.1 sound.

Say Steve Harris, ' As this was our first ever DVD release we wanted to make sure that it was absolutely right. The picture and audio quality are the highest possible as we really pushed the limits technically when the DVD was authored. I think the fans will be blown away. The few people who have seen and worked on it have all commented that we've really managed to capture the live energy of such a massive event which for me is fantastic.'

Contained on the Bonus disc is over an hour of in depth interviews with band members about the show and their experience as one of the world's biggest live acts during their 25 year career. An exclusive photo diary narrated by long time official photographer Ross Halfin, animated menus and other hidden extras complete the bonus disc. The Limited Edition double DVD is available in unique 'sensaround' packaging. For those who still haven't got access to DVD players there will also be a double VHS version available in some countries, also available through Sanctuary Visual Entertainment.

This was the third Rock in Rio festival which also featured headline performances from Guns N' Roses, Sting, Neil Young, Britney Spears and Oasis among others. The entire festival was viewed by an estimated TV audience of over a billion people worldwide.