Jan 30th, 2012

A Message From Rod To Our Brazilian Fans

Judging by the huge number of emails we are receiving there seems to be some misconceptions around Rock in Rio, so I would like to explain a few things.

Rock in Rio is a festival with true World stature. It is one of the biggest musical events in the World - possibly THE biggest - with 7 separate days headlined by 7 of the biggest acts in the World in the biggest outdoor festival site in the World - capacity 300,000.

It is very important that METAL is represented in events of this magnitude and profile, and we are proud to do that. Our day, Jan 19 , is METAL day. Some of you think that to see Maiden you would have to sit through Britney Spears. Now much as the band would LOVE to play with Britney this is just not the case!!! Our day is the METAL day - MAIDEN, HALFORD, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE and other acts to be added. A great bill.

Iron Maiden is headlining - we will be playing our full set of around 1 hour 55 min. The stage at Rock in Rio is huge so not only will we have our full production and pyro, we may even fit in more!

Also some of you seem to think that to see Maiden you have to buy a ticket to see bands you don't want to see on other nights. This is just not true- I would never let our fans be ripped off like this at our shows. For every day tickets are available for that day only. Maiden day, Jan 19, has a ticket price of Rs.34 - about $17 US - which is actually less than a normal show would be in Brazil and great value l think.

I hope this helps.