Jan 30th, 2012

Adrian Smith's Psycho Motel

Curious what Adrian was up to between leaving maiden in '90 and rejoining in 99? Wonder no more! In June 2000 Sanctuary Records released two albums by Adrian`s post-Maiden outfit Psycho Motel.

In the USA the albums "State of Mind"sd_96 and "Welcome to the World"[97] feature Adrian`s strongest solo material to date, with a return to the hard-rocking yet melodic style for which he is most renowned.

Originally released to critical acclaim in Europe and Japan, "State of Mind" with Adrian on guitar, vocalist Solli, bassist Gary Leideman and Berkley music graduate Mike Sturgis on drums features 10 power-packed tracks. Stand-outs include the flat out heaviness of "Sins of Your Father" and psychodelic blues of the track "Psycho Motel", for which the band cut a video.

1997 saw the departure of Norweigan vocalist Solli and the arrival of young British singer Andy Makin on the resulting second album "Welcome to the World". Makins dark lyrics and distinctive vocal delivery give the album a more modern hard-rock edge, says Adrian:

"These albums are really a culmination of having spent most of my life being in bands, touring and recording, and a lifetime of soaking up different musical influences". The Psycho Motel website is currently being up-dated and will feature a full biography, photo gallery and an up-coming piece by Adrian in the next week or two. Watch this space!!

Psycho Motel "Welcome to The World" (NR 4531) and "State of Mind" (NR 4530) are released on Sanctuary Records and distributed by Proper Sales & Distribution ( Available from Eddie's Amazing Megastore and on general retail in the USA.