Jan 30th, 2012

Clive Burr MS Trust Update

Thanks to your support, funds collected after costs now total £235,000!
The Trust has made considered donations which include :-

Clive Burr, home, health, life quality and the future:-
Due to his illness, Clive was unable to keep up the payments on his house and was in danger of losing it and becoming homeless. The Trust made a loan of £60,000 which solved Clive’s immediate accommodation worries.

Clive has been involved in specialist treatment which necessitated extensive travelling to access treatment and tests. The Trust donated £9,000 to help cover these expenses, and to sponsor a much needed short holiday.

Clive also received £3,500 towards specialised equipment to improve the quality of his life. This included a special bed, a computer (to help link Clive with the outside world) and a DVD player (to play ‘Rock in Rio’ and ‘Classic Albums – The Making of The Number Of The Beast’).

Looking ahead – The Trust is making regular payments to help with Clive’s living expenses, and will prioritise the need to help with the cost of medical treatment in the future.

Other beneficiaries to The Trust:-
The terms of the Trust enabled the Trustees to help a couple of other selected MS sufferers. These special donations were made to MS suffers close to the band and their friends.

The Trust was therefore able to assist Ralph (an MS sufferer who was at school with Steve and who was a great support to the Band in the early East End days) buy a vehicle specially adapted to carry his wheelchair.

The Clive Burr MS Trust fund also helped the wife of one of the members of an Iron Maiden tribute band who also suffers from MS. This contribution has gone towards modifications to their home to help with her mobility problems.

The remaining Trust funds will be targeted to ease and improve the quality of Clive Burr’s life.

Thank you for your support.