Jan 30th, 2012

Ebay Auction Winners Prepare For Take Off

There was a lot of tension in the HQ last Friday as we saw vicious last minute bidding on the Bruce Dickinson Auctions but we have to say that each of the winning bidders are looking forward to getting into the cockpit with Air Raid siren himself in a few weeks time.

In all the bids totalled £7662.00 (approx $10900) of which the profits will be split equally between the two charities, Scope and the Iain Rennie Hospice.

The reactions of each of the bidders has been one of excitement and in one case disbelief. Four of the five auction winners will be making their way over the United States from as far away as Los Angeles.

We'll be catching up the winners over the next few days to get their reaction as well as following each of their flying days.

The winners are -

Flight 1 - Mandy and Mark "Robocop" Curran - Bristol , England
Flight 2 - Spero Pavlatos and Annie Matthews - New York, USA
Flight 3 - Brian Snofsky and Cesar Garcia - Los Angeles, USA
Flight 4 - Jacquelyn Bent - New York, USA
Flight 5 AND the Special Flying Day - Tom Owens , Gary Owens and Eric Parlow - Pennsylvania, USA

Thanks to the success of the auction we are planning further events in the future which will help out carities.