Jan 30th, 2012

Majesty Of Gaia - Fake Album Alert

Currently on the World Wide Web there are many rumours - and more - of titles and track listing for the new Maiden album. As the band has yet to decide the title of the album, we find this very amusing and the interest very flattering.

But what we don't find amusing is that someone takes money from our fans under false pretences.

A website called is advertising for sale as from February 25th the new Maiden album on import for $37.95. A single "Heaven's Gate" is also advertised as available. The album is titled "Majesty Of Gaia" and a track listing is noted elsewhere on the web. Both the title and track listing are completely UNTRUE and neither bear any similarity to reality.

CD Europe are actively taking money for this completely imaginary album and single. We have informed the legal department of EMI and Columbia in the USA who are dealing with this.

Do NOT get caught out. There are also many rumours on the web around Maiden. But believe what you read here on this site. When the time is right, you will get the full genuine information.

Watch this space. It's coming soon.